Geoff Nossiter aka Pax AlphaHaving roots in ‘avant-garde’ music creation in the late 60’s, provided Pax Alpha, aka Geoff Nossiter, with a taste for the extreme regions of the sonic landscape. Playing improvised acoustic guitar, in the infamous Iconolatre Jazz Club in Hartlepool, Northern England, gave Geoff a taste for experimentalism.

Sadly, the guitars are long gone having been replaced during the 80’s by a succession of analogue and digital devices through to the present day in which a wide variety of computer based sound tools are used to create a highly varied palette , fusing organic ‘found sounds’, with a mix of self produced loops and live improvisations blending rhythmic, glitchy and interesting synthetic textures together with cinematic and melodic elements.

Currently, the vast majority of his output originates predominantly from a mix of software and hardware synthesizers, various digital signal processing effects and pure computer based manipulation.

Pax Alpha’s genre is in the area of Ambient, IDM and Electro – with melodic elements woven into a mix of cyber-soundscapes and experimental electronics.

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